The Open CAE Society is a non-profit corporation established to share and disseminate knowledge in the field of computational science or CAE (Computer Aided Engineering). Knowledge includes, of course, programs, mathematical models, numerical methods, and even how to use them. We aim to foster this knowledge through our community. We call this concept Open CAE.

For Open CAE to be supported by academic evidence and to be widely used, it is very important that the programs are open source or free software. Imagine a world where people who want to study computational science and CAE, or create new products using these technologies, have free access to this knowledge, and where this knowledge is supported and developed on a community basis. We believe that the spread of Open CAE is very important for human culture.

If you support the spread of Open CAE, we invite you to join our society and help us to develop this community together.

Some of our activities are listed on the OpenFOAM Wiki site.